Commodore 128 History

I was doing some digging on the web when I ran across a most interesting page,’s “The Commodore 128: The Most Versatile 8-Bit Computer Ever Made“. It is a most engaging (and suspensful) account of how Commodore’s crown 8-bit machine came to be. While I have read several accounts of this machine’s history, none have contained the minutia and intriguing factoids that this article possesses, making you feel as though you were on-hand, watching the development unfold, in person. A quote from the article:

Unbelievably, in this time of crisis, both MOS chip designers went on Christmas vacation and “…a sprinkler head busted and rained all over computer equipment stored in the hallway. Engineering gathered as a whole and watched on as a $100,000 worth of equipment became waterlogged….

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  1. Ian Matthews says:

    Thank you for the kind review. It did take a lot of time and effort to put the pages together.

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