Assembling the Lego Apple //c

Lego Apple //cI enjoy fiddling about with vintage computers of all makes and models, but early Apple machines hold a special place in my heart. As such, I was most intrigued a few months back when I read of apparent master-of-plastic-block-architecture Chris McVeigh’s miniature Lego likeness of the original Macintosh. McVeigh offered up the plans for the Mac and various other designs of his creation gratis, on his website, as well as offering parts-compelte Lego kits that can be ordered from the Powerpig’s online store.

I was deeply tempted by that model of the most lovely Macintosh of all, but I did not order. McVeigh’s latest creation, however, was more than I could withstand.

The My First Computer (Two Seeds Edition) [PDF] is a 4-inch-tall Lego model of perhaps the sexiest computer I’ve ever owned, the Apple //c, the first Apple product to feature the Snow White design language created by the famed Frog Design innovation firm. The finished model features the Apple //c main unit, the Apple Monitor //c with stand, and the Apple Mouse //c. There are even cables for the mouse and the CRT. The detail is amazing, really.

The kit was a no-brainer for me. I saw it. I instantly ordered it. I received it. I assembled it. But, I did so on camera! A big part of the fun I’ve had with this kit was recording its construction to share with fellow vintage computing fans out there. And, so, without further ado…enjoy the video.

If you’re an Apple fan, or a Lego fan, or a Commodore fan, or — well, just check out Chris McVeigh’s work. It’s certainly worth a look.

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