Susan Kare Gives Kutcher the 32×32 Treatment

So, what do you think?

Susan Kare, who designed the icons and fonts for the original Macintosh, also created 32×32 pixel micro-portraits of the Macintosh team, at their request, back in the early ’80s. One team member who definitely did not request a pixel portrait was Steve Jobs, but he got one anyway. I’ve become quite familiar with it, actually, as regular readers may be aware…

Marking the release of the film Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher (which opened this weekend), Kare recently tweeted a new diptych of her own design showing a 32×32 pixel Kutcher beside the classic Steve Jobs icon. I don’t think I’ll be getting as up close and personal with the Kutch’ icon as I have the Jobs.

I need to catch the film soon, despite what people are saying…

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One Response to Susan Kare Gives Kutcher the 32×32 Treatment

  1. George says:

    I have to say that 32×32 did not immediately convey anything to me–the 2×4 treatment I’d have comprehended. I don’t suppose that Kutcher’s following is such that any fans will be getting the icon inked on.

    Meanwhile, I’ve got a script all set to go for the movie about Linus Torvalds. The working title is Kernel Knowledge.

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