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CFFA3000 for Apple II: Look Ma, No Disks!

Anyone who’s read more than a couple of my posts here knows that I have a somewhat sizable collection of vintage computers in my basement office. They’re all setup and ready to use, but as time goes on it grows … Continue reading

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Wait — Not Another Apple Podcast?!

Oh, dear lordy, no!! Yes, in fact, it’s true. But it’s not not another Apple podcast — it’s the Not Another Apple Podcast?! The podcast in question is a twice-a-month show hosted by myself and computer historian David Greelish of … Continue reading

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The Apple Game Server Online: Look Ma, No Floppies!

About five years ago I made a post about the Apple II Game Server. It’s a Java application that lets Macs and PCs feed program data into any Apple II via serial null-modem cable — no disk drives required. It’s … Continue reading

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On the Passing of a Visionary

On October 5, now almost a month ago, Apple co-founder and CEO Steven Paul Jobs died of respiratory arrest resulting from a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer. Of course, everyone reading this post is certainly already aware of it. Steve … Continue reading

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An Apple //c’s Tribute to Steve Jobs

After posting the “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” video the night that Steve Jobs died, I had thought that my next post would have been the one that I very much have to write, explaining what the late visionary has … Continue reading

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Thank you, Steve.


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A Home-Made Map Lead to Plunder on the High Seas!

The other night Colette Bennett, a rather savvy freelance writer that works with us over at TouchArcade, tweeted a link to a Kotaku story entitled “The Delightful Home-Made Maps of the Zork Series.” Now, I won’t belittle my readers by … Continue reading

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Apple //c Serial Terminal in the Byte Cellar

So, I’ve recently received a number of links in to Byte Cellar accompanied by blushworthy praises from bloggers out there. (I’m looking at you, Gnome of Retro Treasures…) They’ve made me feel bad and lazy (and maybe a little flattered). … Continue reading

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Laser 128: The Apple II From My Past That Wasn’t

My first Apple was an Apple //c that I got in early 1984, right after it launched. It began my still-quite-saucy love affair with the Apple II and was just the first of many different Apple II systems I’d come … Continue reading

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A Trove of Apple Promo Videos from the ’80s and ’90s

For a few years now I’ve been sitting on two DVDs full of Apple promotional videos that someone put together and auctioned on eBay. Happily, most of the content was new to me. The videos promote various Apple systems, primarily … Continue reading

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