Wait — Not Another Apple Podcast?!

Oh, dear lordy, no!!

Yes, in fact, it’s true. But it’s not not another Apple podcast — it’s the Not Another Apple Podcast?!

The podcast in question is a twice-a-month show hosted by myself and computer historian David Greelish of The Classic Computing Blog and the Retro Computing Roundtable podcast.

Every two weeks, David and I will take a look at the Apple of today, and it’s products, balanced with discussion and comparison / contrast to the Apple of the past. Each episode may end up leaning further into one time-frame than the other, but we’re hoping for a nice, balanced mix overall as the show progresses.

We’ve just posted our first episode, and I hope readers will consider giving it a listen. Any feedback would be most appreciated over at the Not Another Apple Podcast?! website.

Direct podcast link: NAAP-Show-01.mp3
iTunes link: Not Another Apple Podcast?!

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6 Responses to Wait — Not Another Apple Podcast?!

  1. gnome says:

    Ah, yes, loved it! Excellent work, excellent work indeed.

  2. Byte Knight says:

    Sweet – you can’t have enough Apple podcasts! I’ll check it out…

  3. BoxMacCary says:

    I <3 your blog & I <3 Apple, so I'm gonna check this out.
    I'm downloading it on my iPad 2 right now with the "DownloadsHD" app ….

  4. bittin says:

    Cool heard about this on RetroMaccast and will listen :)

  5. iPadCary says:

    Congratulations on the podcast, Blake — but does this mean we’re going back to months between “Byte Cellar” entries?

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