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It Was More Fun When Stores Had Arcade Games

I don’t mean arcades, I’m talking about retail stores like grocery stores, drug stores, 7-11 and other mini-marts. Yea, back in the ’80s they basically all hosted a couple of arcade cabinets. As a kid being dragged around from store … Continue reading

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I Reached for the Nuon for “PONG Week” Over at /r/RetroBattlestations

The project / competition fun continues over at /r/RetroBattlestations. We’ve now had BASIC Week, Spooky Week, Logo Week, and most recently PONG Week at the retro computing subreddit, and each one has been a blast. PONG Week challenged participants to … Continue reading

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A Glimpse of the Elusive ‘Time Bandit’ for the Sanyo MBC 550

Those who follow me here at my retro blog or over at TouchArcade know that I’ve been a gamer for quite some time, now. And, after all of those years of gaming, I certainly have my favorites that still provide … Continue reading

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Games

Last week I sent out a tweet marking a rather sad turn of events concerning one of the most notable game studios of all time. On further reflection, I wanted to say a few words here. On Wednesday, Sony shut … Continue reading

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Glowing Pixels Replace Swirls of Paint at the Smithsonian

This past weekend, my daughter and I attended an exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. that no gamer or pixel artist in the region will want to miss. The Art of Video Games exlores the 40 … Continue reading

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Future Games: Ten Years from Now, Thirty Years Ago

I think a lot about video games. I’ve been playing them for about 35 years now, and I’m fortunate enough that video games — playing them and writing about them with the rest of the great crew at TouchArcade — … Continue reading

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So, Guess What Came in the Mail the Other Day

In late September, Eric Chahi’s superb sci-fi platform action adventure, Another World [App Store], arrived for the iOS platform. I reviewed it shortly before it launched, over at TouchArcade. It was excellently translated to iOS by DotEmu and I gave … Continue reading

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A Home-Made Map Lead to Plunder on the High Seas!

The other night Colette Bennett, a rather savvy freelance writer that works with us over at TouchArcade, tweeted a link to a Kotaku story entitled “The Delightful Home-Made Maps of the Zork Series.” Now, I won’t belittle my readers by … Continue reading

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Of Oldschool Arcades…Decades Apart

When I was a kid, arcades were magical places. They were dark gaming halls lit only by phosphorescence and filled with folks having a white-knuckled good time. The bleeps and bloops emanating from all the cabinets in the room came … Continue reading

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Classic Apple II Game Deaths

Yesterday, Boing Boing posted a video compilation of many classic arcade death scenes, set to a chiptune rendition of Mad World. It’s pretty awesome. After watching it, I was inspired to attempt a similar video, but featuring death scenes from … Continue reading

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