Handheld Gaming on a Snowy Day

The recent winter storm in the D.C. area left us snowed in for a couple of days last week, and when I wasn’t romping around in the white stuff with my daughter or otherwise enjoying the family, I spent some time gaming on the handhelds. I picked the Nintendo 3DS back up and started working through Ocarina of Time 3D not long ago, and I’ve been having fun with TxK on the Vita quite bit lately. Rory and I are playing through the beautiful Monument Valley on the iPad again, as well. With so many handhelds lying about, I decided to pull the rest out and take a photo of the lot.

You’re looking at the Atari Lynx, iCade Jr. (son of iCade, fit with an iPhone 4S), Nintendo DS Lite, Sony PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Sony PSP, a Tamogatchi (virtual pet), and a GamePark GP2X (Linux-based console). And that’s all of them.

I was happy to see my photo made Flickr’s Explore gallery just hours after I uploaded it. That’s a record!

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