Fun with the Tandy CoCo 3

This past week was “Radio Shack Week” at /r/RetroBattlestations, what with the bankruptcy, store closings, etc. For my contribution, I pulled out the Tandy Color Computer 3 and did my thing in the NitrOS-9 shell. (It’s a little bit more fun than my Model 4.) Mission accomplished. But, really, it was more fun was playing around with the CoCo 3 given that it was all setup and running. (Sadly, I acquired the CoCo 3 (and a second CoCo 3 and a CoCo 2) after I ran out of space in the computer room, and so it sits on the shelf most of the time.) #sadface

I spent much of the weekend booting up both old favorites and games I’d never tried before. It was a lot of fun. And while I was at it, I took a few very rough videos that I’ve stitched together into what you see below. It’s crude, but I’ll bet there are a few games in there you’ve not seen before.

The CoCo is a great little machine. The Motorola 6809E is arguably the most powerful 8-bit architecture of them all. I really need more desk space to keep this system setup and ready to go. And maybe a Model I, as well…

And the games shown? In order: Flight Simulator II, Sierra Christmas Demo, The Black Cauldron, Super Pitfall, NitrOS-9, Donkey Kong, Silpheed, Pitfall II, Tut, Mega-Bug, Horace Goes Skiing, Pooyan, Time Bandit, Rubes Cubes, and Glove.

Visit a gallery of all my r/Retrobattlestations entry photos. A complete list, with links, of the fun I've had with challenges in that subreddit over the years can be seen below. Good times!

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2 Responses to Fun with the Tandy CoCo 3

  1. My being (a little) nitpicky:
    Some of the artifact colors were reversed (Time Bandit, for example)… you should hold and hit reset to switch the composite artifact colors to get the proper colors.
    It also appears that you have double speed enabled at all times; on the Coco 1/2 games, they were running twice as fast as they originally did (mind you, in some cases, that makes the game better; in others, they become too fast to play easily).
    Great video!

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