The Amiga 1000 Sings Songs of the Season for Holiday Music Week VII

The new year has begun and the holidays are pretty much behind us, but before undecking the halls I wanted to share my contribution to the “Holiday Music Week VII” competition over at r/Retrobattlestations that ran until the 31st.

For this one, I fired up the Amiga 1000 and loaded a Christmas demo called the “Gallery of Christmas Images and Sounds,” which was created by Ken Costello, produced by the International Professional Association, and released in 1986. I discovered this demo thanks to a YouTube video of the disk running under emulation. The uploader, Jeremy Trim, provided me with the disk image, which I moved over the network to my Amiga 2000 and wrote out to a physical floppy for use on the Amiga 1000, a system for which I have stronger Christmas memories than the 2000. On closer inspection, I found that the demo was made with Electronic Arts’ Deluxe Video (by Mike Posehn), arguably the first consumer desktop video program. In order to avoid a few text glitches I was seeing, I had to boot back to Kickstart 1.1 (from 1986, basically ROM loaded from a floppy) to run the demo properly.

I have placed the ADF disk image of the demo online [download], if anyone is interested. Making this video was a fun little holiday exercise.

Visit a gallery of all my r/Retrobattlestations entry photos. A complete list, with links, of the fun I've had with challenges in that subreddit over the years can be seen below. Good times!

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