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Newton Poetry: An Active Newton Blog…In 2008

As my readers are likely aware, I’m a big fan of the Apple Newton. I consider my MessagePad 2100 to be the finest PDA I’ve ever owned, relatively speaking. That said, imagine how surprised and happy I was to run … Continue reading

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Newton eMate 300 As A Serial Terminal

Ok, my three regular readers may be asking themselves, “didn’t we just read this story?” They would be mistaken in thinking so, however. Back in late July I described the manner in which I configured my Apple //c to serve … Continue reading

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Apple Newton Trumps Microsoft Origami Device

CNET UK recently ran a rather interesting head-to-head showdown, deathmatch, cage-fight comparison between the much touted (by Microsoft) Ultra-Mobile PC (codename “Origami”) and the 10 year old Newton MessagePad 2000 from Apple. The particular UMPC used in the comparison was … Continue reading

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GP2X From GamePark Holdings: Retro Heaven

I’ve recently stumbled onto what may be the most densely packed piece of retro computing goodness that can be found anywhere: the GP2X personal entertainment player from GamePark Holdings. In brief, it’s a handheld game/media machine based on a dual-core … Continue reading

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Sorting The Magazines

I have a lot of computer magazines. Magazines old and new. From early 80s Creative Computing to present day CPU. I’ve been pretty good about keeping the vintage mags organized, but the present day mags have been strewn about the … Continue reading

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Back To The Newton

Well…my recent “Long Live The Newton” post got me to thinking about the best handheld that has ever seen the light of day, Apple’s Newton, which has been out of production for over six years now. When I get to … Continue reading

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Long Live The Newton

The Apple Newton , introduced in 1993, was one of the worlds first PDA’s and is the device that coined the term “PDA,” or, Personal Digital Assistant. And the Newton truly was an assistant. The way in which all data … Continue reading

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