Back To The Newton

Well…my recent “Long Live The Newton” post got me to thinking about the best handheld that has ever seen the light of day, Apple’s Newton, which has been out of production for over six years now. When I get to thinking about innovative hardware with eBay just around the corner, it can be a nightmare…. So I’ve gotten back on the bandwagon. I grabbed an excellent condition MessagePad 2100 and a new-in-box eMate 300 off eBay in the past month or so. Not only have I put the MP2100 to daily use at the office, but I’ve installed the Newton Toolkit developer setup under Classic on my G5 and iBook and am nearly finished with my first NewtonScript application. I picked up a Citizen PN60i portable, thermal, laser quality printer (mistakenly) thinking it could print via IR from the Newton, but as it turns out I need a cable to make that happen (searching).

Good to be back. It’s still the best handheld out there with more capabilities than you can shake a stick at.

I’ll really have to make it to one of the DC Metro Meetup Group meetings.

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2 Responses to Back To The Newton

  1. Bill Miranda says:

    Way to go Blake! So what’s the killer app? Share baby, share…

  2. Allen says:

    Regarding the Citizen printer:

    I have never tried it, but it seems to me that you could buy/find the “Newton Print Pack” software-hardware combination and use that. The software piece comes with printer drivers for many printers. It’s designed to work with the hardware which is a serial-to-parallel converter. But my thought is, once you install the software, you could (maybe) just tap on Print and send it via Irda to the Citizen printer.


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