End of a Legacy: IBM Leaves the PC Market

I never thought I would see the day. All said and done, it seem just sad and wrong. After legitimizing the use of the personal computer in the business world with the introduction of the IBM PC over 23 years ago, back in August, 1981, IBM is pulling out of the PC market. The end of an era, to say the least. Still, business is business—PC sales accounted for only 12% of revenue for IBM last year. It appears that, at present, China’s largest PC maker, Lenovo, is currently in talks to buy IBM’s PC business.

In the memorable days of my home computer use in the early 80’s it was a heated Apple II vs. IBM PC battle. So now there’s no more PCs from IBM and the dual 2.5GHz 64-bit CPUs at the heart of my Macintosh are made by IBM. It’s a crazy world, folks.

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