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A Progress Update From a “No Man’s Sky” Time Traveler

Early in the year I posted A Few Words from a “No Man’s Sky” Time Traveler, detailing my decision to put my 1,600-hour No Man’s Sky journey on hold and jump back-in-time to late 2016 and the Foundation (v1.1) release … Continue reading

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A Gamer’s Reflections as “No Man’s Sky” Turns One Year Old

Tomorrow, Hello Games’ space exploration and survival game No Man’s Sky will turn one year old. At 600 hours in, I have played the game most days of the past 365. As such, I could not let this birthday pass … Continue reading

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A Few Words About the Best Game I’ve Ever Played: No Man’s Sky [Updated]

[ This post is now hosted over any my No Man’s Sky blog, NMSspot. Please have a look at it there.) [ I want to note that this post was written prior to the major Foundation 1.1 update released by … Continue reading

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WHDLoad: The Amiga’s Secret Weapon

I’ve been in the retrocomputing scene for about 15 years now and in that time I’ve seen the interest in the pursuit grow more and more. This is in large part due to the evolving technology that has brought devices … Continue reading

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