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HP Rap: “A Brand New Era We’ve Unfurled…”

Over the years, as computing headed towards the mainstream and the industry struggled to figure out how to connect with the general public, there were some pretty bizarre marketing approaches the computer makers of the time ran up the flagpole. … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs: Like Comments On Life, Death and NeXT

Today I heard the news, like everyone else, that Steve Jobs did not agree to surgery for nine months after learning that he had pancreatic cancer. That news sent me back into the cyclical “what if” thought patterns that I … Continue reading

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Turning My Mac Pro Into A Three Headed Beast

A few months back I made a post regarding my SGI 1600SW flatscreen display. It had been sitting mostly dormant as part of my SGI O2 setup for years, so I decided to get it working with my P4-based Shuttle … Continue reading

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The SGI 1600SW Flat-Panel Display Saga

Back in ’03 I grabbed an SGI O2 system on eBay. I always wanted an SGI to play with (used them in the lab back in college for a bit) and it seemed the O2 was the best bang for … Continue reading

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The moment I caught my first glimpse of the NeXT Cube and its revolutionary operating system, NEXTSTEP, I was spellbound. Never had a computing system been even vaguely as elegant as what lay before me back in 1989 on the … Continue reading

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Running OPENSTEP on my Intel-based Mac

As most reading this are likely aware, Apple has begun transitioning the Mac to the Intel processor. The processor used by most of the new Intel-based Macs, the Core Duo, supports virtualization technology which is utilized by software such as … Continue reading

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SGI Faces Bankruptcy

After 23 years as a leading high performance workstations / visualization leader, it seems that Silicon Graphics, or SGI, is in dire straits. After releasing fiscal fourth quarter results reporting a $15-$18 million operating loss, the company’s stock took a … Continue reading

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The “Certain Impact” of RAM Failure…

About two years ago I setup a nice SGI O2 system to finally have a chance to play with IRIX and the 3D video hardware that SGI is so famous for. I’ve had fun with the box, but never had … Continue reading

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My HP 9000 712/60 “Gecko” Workstation

One weekend last summer, my wife and I drove to a remote shopping center in search of a particular lamp shop. When we pulled into the parking lot, we found a massive “flea market” spread across the asphault with hundreds … Continue reading

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