I Sit at the Round Table (And Dance Whene’er I’m Able)

Just a quick post here to share a notable update to my retrocomputing activities of late that has proven to be a very enjoyable addition, indeed.

Early this year, I sat down at the Retro Computing Roundtable and partook of the best hour (or two…or three…) of discussion of software and hardware of olde, along with related current events, that can be had in all the land (and with footwork im-pec-cable…🎶). Episode 208: Why BBS? was the first episode in which I joined the discussion and marks my start as a member of the podcast’s “irregular regulars…”

Shows are recorded at 4pm Eastern (U.S.) every other Sunday (usually) and a YouTube live stream of the show’s recording can be seen at the Retro Computing Roundtable channel. The show recently hit its 10-year mark with Episode 225. Soon the podcast itself will be vintage!

It has been a true delight, for me, to be part of this amazing group of folks, discussing computing across the decades. I certainly feel honored to be aboard. I do hope that readers who haven’t checked out the show will have a look. Stop in on the live-feed chat and say, “Hello!”

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