The Amiga 1000 Doing Its Thing – A Video

My love for the Amiga began before I got my first, back in October of 1985. Of the various models released during its lifetime, my favorite is the original, the Amiga 1000. Over the past few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time on my 1000 and, as is always the case, the capabilities of this nearly 32-year-old machine amaze me.

I’ve put together a bit of a usage demo to highlight some of the system’s features that stand out to me. It’s quite casual and without any particular direction, just me using various programs and prattling on about them. I hope those familiar will enjoy a bit of nostalgia and those not will be intrigued to some degree by this amazing computer.

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3 Responses to The Amiga 1000 Doing Its Thing – A Video

  1. Rich says:

    Great video…Love this machine!!

  2. Bob says:

    Saw an article about you spending $4,000 on No Man’s Sky. Couldn’t comment on the site because I didn’t wanna make an account. But if you really wanna take it to the next level you should get a 1080p projector with a high refresh rate. There are 4K ones out but it’ll cost like $10,000 for 4K compared to $600 for 1080p.

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