SGI Gets…Err…Got Medieval on Microsoft, HP, and Sun

Just a quick one here, folks. Last week I posted about the crazy HP Series 700 marketing video from 1995, thinking it might be the enduring lord of all crazy tech marketing videos. And, it may be — but this morning I ran across a marketing video from SGI that gives HP a true run for its money.

This video is set in ye olde medieval days and promotes the SGI Indy personal workstation. It is set in Silicon Forest and features such characters as Prince William of Gates, Sir Hewlett of Packard, the Sheriff of McNealy [Sun founder], and hero SGI employee Thomas of Furlong (aka Thomas Hood). It seems the evil Prince holdeth down the people by preventing them from having access to the SGI Indy, a tool of legendary productivity. Enjoy.

“With WebForce, thou mayest publish a document and verily put it directly on the web!”

SGI takes themselves a little less seriously in this video than does HP in theirs, and so I think the HP video remains the Lord of the WTF Tech Marketing Video. They’re both pretty amazing, though.

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