Need An ImageWriter II Color Ribbon? Ask Me.

So, I wanted to pick up (one) ImageWriter II color ribbon to do a few test pages from the Apple IIgs on my new Apple ImageWriter II printer. I’ve since found that one can still buy these at Staples, but — who knew? So I hit eBay. The best deal was a guy selling 6 ribbons for $25. A little more than I wanted to pay and more ribbons by far than I needed, but hey! So I ordered.

What arrived days later was a large box containing six boxes of ribbons. Inside each box was six individually sealed ImageWriter II color ribbons. So, I now have 36 of these ribbons! I will never use more than one.

So…if you need an ImageWriter II color ribbon, email me and I’ll mail you one if you cover shipping. Okay? Let’s give these a purpose.

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  1. Kevin says:

    You could… sell them on ebay?

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