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My wife and I recently carried out one of our standard Friday evening out scenarios: dinner at Big Bowl in Clarendon, VA (right across from the Apple Store) followed by a visit to the adjoining Barnes & Noble bookstore. This night differed from the standard routine in that I discovered one of the finest magazines I have ever seen. Retro Gamer magazine. I saw, on the shelf, issue 6 of Retro Gamer and was spellbound by its vintage computing goodness.

I have expended much effort and funds over recent years in reacquiring many issues of early/mid 80’s computing magazines that I enjoyed as a youth. Creative Computing, A+, AmigaWorld, STart – these were where the songs of praise for the various computers I owned or merely lusted after were sung. Somehow over the years my collection vanished and now I have rebuilt it for the most part with the help of eBay. Retro Gamer is a sort of “best of” the old computing article goodness. I hadn’t been home 20 minutes before I had subscribed on-line and am now eagerly awaiting the first issue to be delivered to my door. I even ordered as many back-orders as they had in stock (I think only three issues, sadly).

Anyone with any sort of retro computing bent should make it priority one to get to know this new and wonderous source of nostalgic goodness. I pray the magazine sees a long and prosperous life. Go buy one on the newsstand or subscribe on-line today.

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