Computers Are Funny (Or Were…)

I have started a new photo microblog of sorts over at Tumblr, and if you’re reading this site, you may find it of interest. It’s called Computers Are Funny, and I thought I would give readers a quick heads-up. From the new site:

During the ’70s and ’80s computers were new and novel. This prompted many computer magazines of the day to include a comic here and there in their issues to poke fun at / help diffuse the cryptic, even daunting, nature of early computers. This site is an effort to get those little (sometimes painful) gems in front of eyes that may have missed them the first time around.

I have so many different periodicals of that era sitting on my shelves that I thought it would be a fun and perhaps worthwhile effort to snap a few photos as I’m leafing through them, to share with the internet.


(Bonus points if you can tell me who the cartoon avatar is, at the top of the page!)

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  1. iPadCary says:

    To answer your “Bonus Points” question, that would, of course,
    be THIS fellow:

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