Hey Look, It’s ‘Flappy Bird’ for the TI-99/4A!

You’ve probably heard of the game Flappy Bird, which has had a controversial life in the iOS App Store. Well, here it is ported to the TI-99/4A, my very first computer. (Pardon the video quality; I had a camera in one hand and a space bar in the other.)

This simple, high-profile title has actually been ported to many retro computing platforms. But, the TI will always have a special place for me.

(And a special thanks to @VintageVolts for sending me the physical media, along with some helpful utils that have really opened up my TI-99/4A.)

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2 Responses to Hey Look, It’s ‘Flappy Bird’ for the TI-99/4A!

  1. Derek Etnyre says:

    Nice TI setup. What are all of the flashing lights on the enclosure that has the floppy disk drive in it? Hard drives?

  2. Flappy Bird says:

    This is cool. I love what geeks do!

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