There, But for the Grace of God, Go I

This weekend I happened upon a video created by YouTuber “mrmusdtard2” and entitled “Doing the Amiga Rock by MrMoonlight and the Amiga Chip Rom Ram Band.” I’ll just go ahead and embed it right here, with its description.

Doing the Amiga Rock, a return to the world stage by mrmoonlight and the Amiga chip rom, ram, band, the music was by a unknown Author who I would dearly like to trace it was titled Piano Boogie 3 and performed on Octamed by the Amiga band, and myself mrmoonlight, the vocals and ukulele were performed my mrmoonlight and on piano was the delectable Paula certainly a chip off the old block, on sound inverter was Denise, always ready to blow her own trumpet, and the sweet Alice destined to travell through a wonderland playing a merry tune and last but not least Agnus on drums steady as a mountain goat and never missing a beat, when asked why the band were making a come back they replyed we do what we do because we can, we are Amiga.

I watch this video and I have to ask myself…”Is this me, in 15-20 years?” Surely not. Surely not…

Of course, no fan-made, Amiga-focused music video can be discussed without mention of the highly unique and possibly legendary performance that is “Only Amiga Makes It Possible,” based on the 1987 Comdex promo video.

And while I’m talking Amiga videos, YouTuber “yazzgo” put together a rather well-done tribute to the Amiga, entitled “Electric Dreams – I’m the Commodore Amiga.” It’s a series of game and app clips set to the the tune “Together in Electric Dreams,” from the 1984 film Electric Dreams (one of my all-time favorites).

Ahh, the Amiga.

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5 Responses to There, But for the Grace of God, Go I

  1. Robert says:

    He’s got a pretty good voice actually. I didn’t notice the second Amiga on his desk and the “Amiga Man” text on his sweater until now. A real Amiga fan!

  2. George says:

    I do hope it will not be you in 15-20 years; perhaps your wife should establish an embargo on ukuleles.

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