WANTED: Mockingboard for Apple II

I like to keep the stories interesting here at Byte Cellar. This is a strictly “for fun” site, so there’s a certain freedom I enjoy here as compared to the other sites with which I’m involved. And so I must apologize for using this site, briefly, as a personal soapbox. But use it, I must. Because, you see…

I am in desperate need of a Mockingboard sound card from Sweet Micro Systems for the Apple II.

I recently setup an Apple IIe system in “the Byte Cellar” and am quite eager to hear the sweet six-voice (with two noise channels) sound of the Mockingboard sound card.

If anyone has a suggestion as to where I might find one, please let me know! And thanks.

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  1. pitz says:

    There is a Korean group that regularly sells a Mockingboard clone on THE auction site. See the c.s.a newsgroup thread on


  2. blakespot says:

    I found that Korean clone. There are a few on eBay right now. I was hoping for an actual Mockingboard (or Applied Engineering Phasor, as 12-voice compatible). A noted hardware wizard in the Apple II scene expressed some concerns looking at photos of the board. Might not be a huge issue…

  3. Bob Hess says:

    I have a board with box and accessories including manuals.

    Please use e-mail to contact me.

    Bob Hess

  4. Bob Hess says:

    hope this gets my e-mail to you

  5. Bob Hess says:

    get me at bob54466@yahoo.com


  6. blakespot says:

    Thanks Bob and others. I actually ended up ordering a new Mockingboard A clone (same as the most common Mockingboard but without the speech chip). Paid $60 for it. Korean made.

    I’ll post an article about it soonish.

  7. Ed Walsh says:

    I have one of those Korean Mockingboard clones in a //e Platinum, seems to work well, though some songs in Music Construction Set seem to be a bit.. off.

    Though for $68 (vs. several hundred when one is available on eBay) it can’t be beaten.

  8. gringo says:

    Hey guys. Just stumbled upon this site. I’ve just turned on my Apple IIc getting ready to play Ultima V. I don’t have a Mockingboard, but I really would like to get one to truly enjoy the Ultima experience. Would the Korean version work well with this game? Would the Phasor be any better? Your input would be appreciated. Thanks.

  9. dragos says:

    Well, glads ou found your card, now how about returning the disks you borrowed from Mark Ponter aka pelleas a few years ago, he was planning on sharing but you have made this impossible.

    Pretty low to prey on someones good will for you own personal selfish gains….

  10. blakespot says:


    Well, the Apple //c has no slots, and so cannot accept the Korean Mockingboard or any slot-based real Mockingboards. Or Phasors. It can use a //c version of the Mockingboard, known as the Mockingboard D, I think, but that does not work with Ultima as it ties to the system via serial and not through a slot.

  11. Well, not sure if you’re still looking but I have an original Mockingboard by Sweet Micro. Not sure I want to sell it though. Let me know if you want and how bad you want it.

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