External Status LCD Project

I’ve long used Bresink’s Hardware Monitor to keep a tab on the vitals of various Macs I’ve used in recent years. After upgrading from a dual G5 2.5 to a quad-core Mac Pro, I hit the Hardware Monitor website to grab a Universal version of the app. That’s when I noted that external LCD support had been added to the program. Right now the only officially supported LCD controller is Code Mercenaries’ USB-based IO-Warrior.

I put my order in right away.

This weekend I received both the IO-Warrior 24 kit as well as the white-on-blue, LED-lit 4×24 LCD I ordered. I made some free time this afternoon, pulled out the soldering iron, chopped up an old SCSI cable, and got things together. The result is most technoglorious. (See photos here and a QuickTime h264 video here, showing the unit running on a 3GHz quad-core Mac Pro.)

See another user’s IO-Warrio project involving custom code pushing iTunes and EyeTV data from Mac to LCD.

Next step: construct a balsa wood enclosure painted flat black. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: It wasn’t balsa wood but PixelBlocks that came to the rescue on an enclosure

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5 Responses to External Status LCD Project

  1. FB says:

    It must be said – unless it is hacked into the case, it has not truly achieved technoglory.

  2. blakespot says:

    Bah… Pixelblocks totally beat case integration. And they’re right in front of me…not down on the floor in the tower.


  3. Ed says:

    Neat in concept but putting it’s not elegant in the sense of what people are used to with Macs. Just my opinion but it should all be in 1 enclosure that’s aluminum with a usb port on the back instead.

  4. blakespot says:

    I’ve just ordered my second IO-Warrior 24 and 20×4 LCD to make a 2nd status LCD, to be driven by Hardware Monitor. Additional stats (GPU utilization, System clockspeed (it varies), drive temp, etc.)


  5. Robbie says:

    your set up looks really nice although quite expensive. i’ve been using another method from this website http://home.sandiego.edu/~epooch/cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi/tech/leds

    you might find it interesting as it has good growl support if you use growl on your mac


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