The Apple //c Makes It To The Office

A few months back I mentioned that I had procured a rather clean Apple //c setup to take to the office, mainly as just an interesting bit of decor. Well, after a few months of sitting on the dining room table (much to my wife’s dismay), the system has finally landed on one of my office desks. Though I’ve not used it more than a few minutes since it arrived in its new home, it has turned out to be quite the conversation piece.

At any rate, I’ve taken a photo of the system in its new digs. (Earlier photos found here.) Have a look, why don’t you?

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  1. simplygeorge says:

    The AppleIIc was was first Mac, and first computer ever. I wish I had kept it…

    Stupid people led me astray….well at least now I own a MP130 to play with.

    Great site keep up the good work.

  2. Blake Patterson says:


    The //c is not a Mac. The //c was brought out in April 1984, a few months after the Mac was announced, but it is an Apple II.

    Early Macs and early Apple II’s … both fun to be sure.


  3. Julian Skidmore says:

    I obtained an early 1984 Apple //c for free about 8 years ago (wow, that long!).

    I like the wacky keys on the keyboard, but the debounce seems to be quite poor – is this normal for a //c?

    -cheers from jules @P.

  4. blakespot says:


    Yes, the //c keyboard is not the best feeling. It has a certain something that’s appealing, but it’s stiff. The IIe and IIgs keyboards are much better. The //c keyboard beats all hell out of the C64 keyboard tho.

    The best 8-bit keyboard ever has got to be the Atari 1200XL keyboard. Lovely. I recall playing with a 1200XL at a Ritz Camera shop in a local mall in Hampton, VA back in 1984 or so. Good times.

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