1981 Personal Computer Catalog

An interesting article appeard on Slashdot the other day. A user grabbed some of his own vintage goodness and placed it online for all to enjoy….

    “I just fired up my scanner and uploaded the 35-page 1981 (+/- 1 year) personal computer catalog from American Small Business Computers. 16K RAM for $22; 10 megabyte hard drive, 5 meg fixed and 5 removeable, with 14-inch platters; 25-character per second printer. Things have changed a bit since then!”

An interesting piece of computing history. I have many old computer magazines and some fairly rare product brochures from the early 80’s (my Fall/Winter 1980 Apple In Depth catalog, full of Apple II, II+, and III goodness, being the gemstone of the lot). Perhaps I will get around to dusting off my scanner and throwing up similar pieces of yesteryear.

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